Kuwait International Airport Project - Terminal Building

Design Coordination and Consultancy Services for 13m passenger capacity $ 4.4billion Mega Airport
Project Contractor: Limak Construction Kuwait

What we are building?

Primary Roof Structure

Precast post tensioned concrete elements with cable stays. Each piece varies from 100tons to 360tons in weight.

Precast segments were cast at site factory with special adjustable formworks. Total number of 807 arch segments were fabricated which forms the skeleton of the mega roof structure.

Precast segments were transported from casting yard to erection area with SPMT's (Self-Propelled Modular Transporters) and tilted with a tilting table simultaneously by two cranes

Precast segments were erected with an army of crawler cranes with capacities ranging from 600tons to 1600tons

All of the structural details were designed and coordinated in state-of-the-art computer software which constitute millions of meters of PT-stay cable strands and thousands of tons of embedded elements

More than 100,000 tons of temporary structures have been employed combining steel towers and special truss systems

Roof Soffit Hybrid Structural Members (Shell Cassettes)

36,964 precasted shell cassettes bolted together to form 105 single layer shell domes of different spans (from 45x45m to 45x145m in regular bays and 100x100m central dome) the total roof area of 325,000m². 70,000 tons of structural steel, 3 million bolts, 52,000m3 concrete

Flank Wall

Flank walls are special type of shell cassettes that forms the root interface of the roof structure.

Roof Steel

18,000 tons of secondary roof steel members were used to ensure the geometry of standing seam roofing system.

Façade & Air Bridges

Façade and fixed bridge structures which were designed and coordinated in millimeter precision for fabrication and erection.

Inner Structure

Terminal substructres are built with 1,300,000 m3 of concrete covering 700.000 m2 area.

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