Mustafa Alptekin Kibar |

After his graduation from Middle East Technical University at 2002, Mr Kibar started his career as Structural Engineer on a design company Çeskon for two years. Having worked as the tender and proposal specialist at Akfen Construction for another two years, he went back to structural design works at Tesem while also receiving his master degree. After 9 years of experience on special structures he moved to Kuwait for the mega airport terminal project and worked as the leader of the structural design and coordination works at Limak Construction. He is still supporting the project with his own company Must also having appointed as the designer of the carpark approach bridges.

With his enthusiasm on work he warranted an impressive career in design and coordination of special structures. His talent concentrates on bringing structural solutions to phenomenal designs and coordination within the complexity of the projects.

Mustafa Emre Özkök |

Emre had BSc. & MSc. degrees at Middle East Technical University in 2007 and 2010 as Civil Engineer and Structural Engineer. He has majorly involved in large scale international superstructure projects as structural designer, site supervisor and design coordinator. The acquired experience brought him the insight of rapid resolution of engineering problems and construction conflicts in the ongoing megastructure projects. As a structural engineer, his technical interest intensifies on construction engineering to expedite long-running complex constructions.

Mehmet Demirci |
Mechanical Engineer

Studying at Gazi University, Mr. Demirci started his career as a construction draftsman in a steel construction company, Temsan. After graduation in 2006, he started his own business, VEM Yapı. He offered services of steel structure modelling and drafting. While working in the construction and design sector, he completed his second bachelor degree in mechanical engineering in 2016. Mr Demirci started his cooperation with MUST after 2019 as Tekla and BIM Manager. He has involved in several multipurpose structures with complex geometries employing 3D parametric design utilities.

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